New PAFC 2014 Board and Officers Take Office

A new slate of Board members and officers of the Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc. (PAFC) was elected in December 2013 and was thereafter inducted on January 10, 2014 by Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. at the Philippine Embassy. The new Board and officers reflect a healthy mixture of seasoned members as well as some fresh names, which bodes well for new ideas, enlightened vision, and an action-packed calendar. This is the 10th election in the life of PAFC, which was founded in 1996 and was borne out of the Philippine Independence Day Committee established in the 1980s.


The new Board of Directors consists of Sonny Busa (Chairman), Bing Branigin, Nanette Carreon, Nancy Ceniza, Gloria Federigan, Aylene Mafnas, Mitzi Pickard, Bobby Tamayo, and Beth Wong.

The new officers are Mya Grossman, President; Gigi Gopiao, Internal Vice President; John Cabrera, External Vice President (not pictured); Doug Grossman, Corresponding Secretary; Christine Torres, Recording Secretary; David Pagsibigan, Treasurer; Maurese Owens, Public Relations Officer; and Alfonso DeJesus, Webmaster (not pictured).

Sonny Busa, brings a wealth of diplomatic and military experience derived from a lifetime of service as a Consul General, Army officer, and professor of international relations at West Point, his alma mater. His management acumen and community volunteerism were assets that were recognized as ideal to head the Board. Sonny looks forward to building bridges with the larger Fil-Am community.

Mya Grossman is a multi-talented woman with years of volunteerism under her belt. With her effective leadership, she introduced many new flourishes to the PAFC Community Picnic and SportsFest. Her ability to engage volunteers and her resourcefulness earned her the presidency of the organization.

In his address, Ambassador Cuisia said, “What sets the members of PAFC’s Board apart is their great dedication and steadfast commitment to the Filipino-American community in the metropolitan D.C. area. It does so by celebrating the rich and unique Filipino identity and underscores the significant contribution of the Filipino-American community to the advancement of a more progressive American society.” He added that he considers the PAFC a true partner of the Philippine Embassy and urged PAFC’s leadership “to spur a greater spirit of unity and convergence, not only to help our kababayans, but also to raise the profile of our community here in the United States.”

Incoming President Mya Grossman called on her co-officers to do their best, to be enlightened to help enlighten others, and to be empowered to help empower others. Chairman Sonny Busa concluded the program with a prayer for guidance for PAFC Board members and officers to do their best in executing PAFC’s mission for the good of the community, both in the United States and in the Philippines.

PAFC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and its programs focus on charity, education, and culture. The organization implements a grant program that provides annual contributions to local and Philippine-based organizations for which the mission matches its own. PAFC programs and events are planned and executed by volunteers who come from Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


Front row: Nancy Ceniza, Board; Christine Torres, Recording Secretary; Bing Branigin, Board; Gloria Federigan, Board; Mya Grossman, President; Ambassador Cuisia; Sonny Busa, Chairman of the Board; Mitzi Pickard, Board; Gigi Gopiao, Internal Vice President; and Aylene Mafnas, Board.

Back row: Maurese Owens, Public Relations Officer; David Pagsibigan, Treasurer; Doug Grossman, Corresponding Secretary; Bobby Tamayo, Board; Nanette Carreon, Board; and Beth Wong, Board.

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