Gabrielle Enguillado is Miss Philippines Cherry Blossom Princess 2017

Gabrielle Enguillado is Miss Philippines Cherry Blossom 2017

Gabrielle Enguillado, the daughter of Larry Enguillado and Regina Caraan of Fort Washington, MD,  has been chosen as the 2017 Miss Philippines Cherry Blossom Princess. She will represent the Philippines during the Annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which takes place in the nation’s capital from March 25 to April 8.

Gabrielle, 20, was a 2014 graduate and valedictorian of Bishop McNamara High School and is currently an Architecture major from the University of Maryland, College Park.  Ms. Enguillado possesses impressive honors and academic credentials, which includes being a part of  the University’s Gemstone Honors Program, Primmanum Honors Society, and is a recipient of the Architecture Construction Engineering Mentor Program Scholarship.

Aside from her successes in her studies, Ms. Enguillado is a working student who is dedicated to serving the Filipino American community and strives to be more involved in any way that she can. She states, “As a second generation Filipina born to two immigrant parents, the Filipino culture wasn’t something I had easy access to”. Despite this, she became involved to learn more about her roots. She became President of her high school’s Filipino American Cultural Enlightenment Club and hosted fundraisers to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, she was a Co-Cultural Chair of the Filipino Cultural Association at the University of Maryland, and currently serves as the Director of Public Relations for the organization.

SPRINGTIME (1)Her contributions to the community are evident through her involvement in youth development programs such as, Terrapinoy Day and Camp Mabuhay, and advocacy projects such as the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project. In 2015, Gabrielle spearheaded a cultural retreat entitled, “Lakbay”, tagalog for “journey” to highlight the importance of learning Filipino American history and how the journey of our Filipino American ancestors, although not all are written in history books, are important to understanding and navigating our identities as Filipino Americans. As Director of Public Relations, Gabrielle continues to take the lessons she learned from being cultural chair and further helps members understand the importance of different cultures and building a culture of solidarity. 

Following her time at the University of Maryland, Gabrielle intends to work in urban planning with a focus on underdeveloped communities. She adds that she wants to “learn how to use the richness of our culture to advance the state that current Filipino Americans are living in” and she “aspires to not only preserve the Filipino culture outside of the motherland, but also enlighten my peers that our cultural roots can create more opportunities for us in the future”.

Please join us in honoring Gabrielle Enguillado and finalists at the 2017 Philippines Cherry Blossom Princess Coronation Ball on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Silver Spring Civic Building Great Hall.

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