About Us

What is the Philippine American Foundation for Charities (PAFC), Inc.?

PAFC is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization formed in 1996 in Washington, DC. It sponsors charitable, educational, cultural, and emergency assistance projects to help improve the quality of lives of people in our communities.

Mission Statement

PAFC’s mission is to champion the spirit of bayanihan (“community building”) for Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the D.C metropolitan area by collaborating with other organizations, providing resources to strengthen their capacity as leaders and community stakeholders, empowering their voices, and advocating on behalf of their interests to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Filipinos and Filipino Americans.

Our Values

Bayanihan or “Community Building”

We value a spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to enrich and better the lives of Filipino Americans in the D.C metropolitan area.

Kapwa or “Togetherness”

We value a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome, and where collaboration is encouraged to foster unity and connectedness within the Filipino American community.


We value a culture of life-long learning and the passing on of information to increase knowledge, competence, and growth within the Filipino American community.


We value a culture that ensures that barriers, where found, are broken down, and uplift individuals to achieve their full potential and control their own destinies.


We value a culture in which Filipino Americans feel heard, safe, respected, supported, and represented on issues that impact the livelihood.

Newly Elected PAFC of Directors

Newly Elected PAFC Board of Directors


PAFC Board of Directors

Chairman:  Aylene Mafnas

Ador Carreon

Gloria Federigan

Roberto Federigan

Christian Flores

Christine Oliveros

Malcolm Peck

Zeny Villoria

John Victoria


PAFC Executive Officers


Vice President of Programming:

Vice President of Marketing & Communications:

Vice President of Community Engagement:

Director of Community Relations:

Director of External Relations:




Krystle Canare

Anika Aquino

Christine Bersabal

Min Yun

Maurese Oteyza Owens

Grace Villanueva

David Pagsibigan

Rochielle Canare

Brandon Bartolome


email contact:    PAFC.DC@gmail.com