About Us

What is the Philippine American Foundation for Charities (PAFC), Inc.?

PAFC is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization formed in 1996 in Washington, DC. It sponsors charitable, educational, cultural, and emergency assistance projects to help improve the quality of lives of people in our communities.

Mission Statement

PAFC’s mission is to improve the quality of  lives of people in our communities while fostering the spirit of volunteerism and community building through projects that bring people together.

Our Goals

Provide funding support to community-based charitable organizations that advance PAFC’s charitable mission and organizational goals.

Promote harmony in diversity through sponsorship of activities and events that advance multicultural education and cross-cultural understanding.

Create leadership opportunities and promote positive self-image among the youth.

Improve the quality of lives of senior citizens and other individuals who are at risk.



PAFC Board and Officers sworn into office by Ambassador Jose Cuisia.


PAFC Board of Directors

Sonny Busa, Chair
Elvi Bangit
Krystle Canare
Gloria Maria T. Federigan
Marlan Maralit
Danilo Orino
Mitzi Pickard
Zeny Viloria


PAFC Executive Officers

President:             Aylene Mafnas
External VP:          John Cabrera 
Internal VP:      Nanette Carreon 
Treasurer:        David Pagsibigan 
Secretary:       Josephine Gopiao 
Asst Secretary:  Rochielle Canare
PRO:                  Maurese Owens 
Asst PRO:           Christian Flores
Webmaster:       Alfonso De Jesus

email contact:    PAFC.DC@gmail.com